Wednesday, February 19, 2014

When to book Fresh Face Makeup for Hair and Makeup for your Wedding Day

Finding a make-up artist for your wedding can be daunting. And since most people aren't celebrities who have artists contracted to them via publicists, it is much harder. Not to worry Fresh Face Makeup is here for you: Follow the checklist below and you will be just fine.

Start 4-6 months before the date of your wedding — the earlier the better, especially if your wedding date is during peak times like September or October or on a Saturday in San Francisco.
  1.  I ESPECIALLY DO NOT recommend a blind trial run at a cosmetic counter at a department store. The last thing you want to do is have a meltdown the day of your wedding because the counter artist used frosty silver eye shadow up to your brow bone or gave you a dramatic night look that is more appropriate for Vegas. I have 10 years experience doing makeup for weddings.
Before the trial run:
E-mail  us the idea of the look you like to achieve. Everyone has a different perception of color and texture. In addition, everyone has different terminology on  how to communicate color and texture. To one person a lipstick may look red, to another it may be deep Bourdeaux wine.  Nothing is better than an image and prepare to discuss what and why you like the image at your trial. 

Also, this is something that helps me in my experience as a makeup artist for weddings, bring an image of what you look like with your everyday look.  Makeup is such a personal thing, and everyone has her own comfort zone. Somewomen may wear full foundation, dark black eye-shadow everyday (ahem, Kris Jenner) with false eyelashes. And then there are some who keep it minimal with light face powder, liquid eyeliner and lip balm.  The photo will act as a gauge of what you look like everyday and more importantly, give the artist some boundaries of what will be too much or too dramatic.
Night Before:
Prep your skin. The night before your trial do a mask. If you are dry, apply a Hydrating Mask and sleep with it on.  If you are Oily, use a purifying mask with Sulfur. If you have rough flaky skin around the nose ( like I do!) use a exfoliating mask to get those stubborn pores sloughed off. Rinse face and apply moisturizer. Do not skip your moisturizer!
The Day of:
Have fun! Be honest and open to discussing your look. We do not take any suggestions personally.  Please take note that makeup for photos is entirely different than your everyday look.  Instead of looking in a mirror 3- inch away, take a look in a well-lighted room from a distant mirror. This would also be the perfect time we take a professional picture with our camera.
Questions for Fresh Face Makeup:
· Will they travel to you? Yes, on location for all weddings and trial at our studio at 201 Spear St, San Francisco, CA 
· Do we charge a mileage fee? $1 each mile
·  Will we require a security deposit? Yes at the trial $100 to reserve the hair stylist and makeup artist. We do a contract after deposit is paid.
Lastly, get plenty of sleep, prep you skin, and enjoy your special day! The day is really about Celebration. All Brides have an inner glow that exudes beauty and happiness better than a swipe of any product. But, I like to think a little lipgloss couldn’t hurt.

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