Monday, October 29, 2012

“The most important reason for hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day is peace of mind for the bride. A bride always wants to look her best from every possible angle, both in person and for her wedding photos. Brides want makeup to last throughout the wedding day activities and ceremony. Additionally, a bride wants to look breathtaking for her new husband on their special day. A professional makeup artist can offer bridal trials, professional makeup products to fit a bride’s skin care needs, convenient on-location service, and their professional experience.

It is always a good idea to have a bridal makeup trial. Your makeup artist will take the time to help determine which makeup products are best for your skin type, and overall bridal look while taking into consideration weather conditions on that special day. A makeup artist will document every product that is used on a face chart in order to re-create your bridal look. Then your makeup artist will photograph your final look for professional reference for your wedding day. During a makeup trial you will have the opportunity to discuss skin issues, makeup issues, facial flaws that you would like to conceal and facial features  that you would like to accentuate. If you choose, your bridal markup trial could also include trying products including - but not limited to - airbrush makeup and false eyelashes. Trials give the bride the opportunity to discuss her bridal party’s makeup services and refine changes in her final wedding makeup look.
In addition, professional makeup artists participate in extensive makeup education beyond the completion of their cosmetology schooling. Makeup artists are trained in skin care (skin type, common skin problems and skin conditions), high definition makeup, airbrush makeup, lighting concerns and professional beauty products. They keep up to date with the newest professional beauty products, and current trends. In addition, they are trained to know the tricks of the trade that will enable you to maintain a flawless appearance on your wedding day.
A professional makeup artist also provides convenient on-location services for your wedding day. The bride’s time is a primary factor to consider on the wedding day. Salon services can be quite a distance from the venue location. Salons often run behind schedule and since your appointment will be booked in addition to the salon’s regular clientele bridal services may not be concluded in a timely manner, potentially putting the bridal party behind schedule. Professional makeup artists who specialize in wedding services only hire other makeup professionals who have a passion for creating that special wedding look. As stated previously, a bride’s time is valuable and her time should be spent concentrating on herself, the details of her wedding day, and her special guests.
A professional makeup artist is experienced with all types of wedding scenarios. They are familiar with working under varied conditions and situational pressures, while ensuring services are completed in a timely manner. Some brides feel that hair and makeup services can be shaved from the budget, and decide to have a “friend or family member” do their makeup. In the beginning, this may sound like a good idea, but you cannot expect an inexperienced individual to have the same knowledge base and skill level required to create that special individualized professional bridal look that you expect.
Again, the most important reason for hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day is peace of mind. A piece of mind that includes the confidence that your makeup services will last throughout the entire wedding day, as well as creating a look that will help make your wedding photos the most memorable.” ~ Elissya Bar-EL

Wedding Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

Wedding Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

This is one area where a gratuity is definitely expected. Tip between 15 - 20 percent just as you would in a hair salon, and consider giving a little extra if there's a crisis, like one of your bridesmaids has a meltdown over her updo and it requires a redo at the last minute.
Protocol: Expected
The $tandard: 15 - 25 percent, depending upon the quality of service
When to Tip: At the end of your service